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Call for Volunteers and a Tournament Director

HYBA is looking to create a volunteer network in support of our youth basketball programming. In addition, we are looking to add a Tournament Director to the Board. We have received many questions and requests for a home tournament over the years. In response we hope to add this director position (or co-position) along with a group of volunteers willing to assist, recognizing that it is a large undertaking beyond the capacity of the current members of the board. 

If you are interested in this position or volunteering in any area please complete the following Google Form: LINK

Welcome to Hermantown Hawks Basketball

Hermantown Youth basketball is committed to player development: improving technical skills and developing a love of the game. We provide 2 programs each winter:

The Rookie Basketball Program is for boys and girls in Grade 1 and Grade 2. The program takes place on Saturday mornings and teaches players basic basketball rules and fundamentals.

The Youth Basketball Program provides coaching, skills development, and tournament play in both local and highly competitive tournaments for boys and girls in grades 3-8.  

The Arrowhead League is a less competitive league with less travel.  Teams practice 2-3 nights per week and will participate in 5-6 tournaments in the Arrowhead League each season. Tournaments are typically on Saturdays and within 50-60 miles of Duluth.

Our Tournament Teams are competitive teams with more travel. Teams practice 2-3 nights per week and will participate in seven or more tournaments per season. Tournaments can be on Saturdays, or a full weekend with an overnight stay, and can be further into Wisconsin, in Northern MN, or in the Twin Cities.

Program Sponsors

Sponsored by Frozen Tundra Co

Frozen Tundra Co

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Sponsored by Piedmont Dental

Piedmont Dental

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Sponsored by Destination Fitness

Destination Fitness

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Hawks Basketball Clothing Order

Here is a link to order Hawks Basketball apparel:

Scott Hermanson

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